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A few pictures From Sasha Darling's weekend in LA

Tiff and I went and stayed with Tiff's old BFF from Chicago Kelly. Tiff and Kelly are both visual merch execs for Urban and were working on a store install in Pasadena starting Monday. That left us three whole days to shop, eat and enjoy Kelly's darling little Hollywood Chalet! Some of the highlights include an amazing beautiful brunch, including the best Quiche I have ever eaten, Sasha Darlings spicy Bloody Mary's, vintage shopping, Footsies with Lil K, the amazing realization that Tiff can french braid, and a fab new pair of huge sunglasses so that Sasha Darling could go incognito! xoxo

Sasha Darling's inside the Mission for C magazine-

No, Dangerous, I'll shoot you in the head!

Back from Treasure Hunting

Ok so I was off on a three day treasure hunt and sometimes
I'm surprised what a little grit, ability to dig and perseverance can come up with...It's so hard to find vintage this day and age at a reasonable price that you can bring home and share with the masses. I remember when I started collecting vintage in like 83 everything was like 99 cents- and the racks were overflowing- it's a bit harder now..but I did good for you all this time- here is a quick shot of some of the vintage clothes I found but there is so much more to come and this hardly does my trip justice. please come in and see us??? xo xo xo xo xo

Gorgeous at Any Age!

With my birthday coming tomorrow I feel myself falling in to that silly girlish act of stressing about aging. So I collected some of the many amazing photos of my style Icon Sophia Loren who undoubtedly confirms the fact that us ladies can certainly be sexy and beautiful and most importantly glamorous at any age! Thanks Sophia for the best present a glamor girl could ask for!!! AT 72 SHE POSED FOR THE FAMOUS ITALIAN PIN UP CALENDER PIRELI!!! 72!!!! In the wise words of Sopia- "Sex symbols are born, not made"