Back from Treasure Hunting

Ok so I was off on a three day treasure hunt and sometimes
I'm surprised what a little grit, ability to dig and perseverance can come up with...It's so hard to find vintage this day and age at a reasonable price that you can bring home and share with the masses. I remember when I started collecting vintage in like 83 everything was like 99 cents- and the racks were overflowing- it's a bit harder now..but I did good for you all this time- here is a quick shot of some of the vintage clothes I found but there is so much more to come and this hardly does my trip justice. please come in and see us??? xo xo xo xo xo

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  • come in!!!!!!

    • BellJar
  • Oh wow…I wan't some of that!

    • Taylor Sterling
  • First things first, I love you store and miss it very much! I totally can relate to the vintage (and thrift for that matter) not being as cheap as it once was. I moved from San Francisco to East Lansing, MI earlier this year and found out that MI is the greatest place for vintage finds — there are a ton of "charity" shops where nothing is priced above $5! I miss SF and your store a ton but I don't miss the cost of living!

    • NSHD
  • Wow! That's a lot dress!

    • HR Lady