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I Was A Bratty Teenager

When I was a senior in highschool at the end of the year they had all the seniors do this thing called the last will and testament and then ran it in the student newspaper (that i was a writer for and got awarded senior of the year for my staff writing!  Go little young me! ). 

Anyway it was just a little blurb where you left theoretical items to your teachers and classmates. For example; to suzy I leave my pom pom's and the best year ever, and other tedious things. 

My last will and Testament went something like this...I...

Did you know I'm a crazy person?

So guess what time I usually get up? between 4am and 5am. I know crazy right? I used to fight it and try to stay in bed till at least 6:30 but now I have embraced it and just get up early and do all my spiritual work. Which works out perfectly with me getting deeper into Kundalini Yoga recently. In this practice you are supposed to do a Sadna, a personal practice, before the sun comes up. So I have been implementing this into my life. I really, really love the early morning, which is so crazy. If you...

Remember When?

Do you remember when blogging was a huge thing? Do you remember way back like 10 years when I used to blog almost everyday? Not just about store stuff, but just about life? I remember sitting on my office at BellJar SF and hearing people asking the sales girls about me in very specific ways. Asking about my personal life. Asking about how I was , if i was ok. It was so strange. Strange that they were actually reading my blog but even stranger that I was being so raw and uncensored online. 

I was much younger and I had...

BellJar One Year Anniversary

Please join us Friday Oct 21st from 6-9 PM for drinks, music and an array of magical happenings.


Sorry We Are Such Blog Slackers // A Garden Party With One Of Our Favorite Bay Area Makers.

Things are going great. We are settled in and very happy. But of course we miss the bay. So when we received an invite to a lunch under the Orchards with one of our favorite bay area makers, The Wilderness Workshop, how could we not return to our home and spend the day in Bolinas with friends old and new.