Nothing Good Ever Happens After 7pm


When I was in my 20's I went out like 6 nights a week, all the while working 3 jobs, going to school full time, dating 3 different guys and pulling it all off seamlessly (or so I thought). I loved being around people, dancing, flirting and standing in 3" heels in tight clothing while downing cocktails. I often thought, "I will do this of the rest of my life" and I imagined myself as a glamorous Felliniesque character at 60 wearing sequined dresses and attending rooftop parties in Rome with royalty and drag queens. I thought I'd be a glam girl forever. Then one night I found myself at a party, crowded, sweaty and loud and I thought to myself; I'm done, I'm never, ever doing this again. I sold all my high heels and tight clothes, got a netflix and hulu account, a couple of dogs, some comfortable stylish cotton lounge wear outfits, a few mumu's and basically have not left the house at night for about 8 years.

Sometimes it gets lonely, sure. Especially when in-between boyfriends. It makes dating challenging too, but really, am I going to find my like minded awkward, sober boyfriend, who wants to lounge in comfy cotton while eating cheese in bed, reading books and binge watching Gilmore Girls or old films, out at a bar on Saturday night? Not likely. And at this juncture of my life, there is nowhere I feel more lonely than in a crowded room, full of drunk people in tight clothes, having small talk. I never, ever feel that lonely siting at home drinking tea.

Sometimes I'm worried I'm boring. But hell to the no, on that. I'm charming and smart and creative and stylish and chatty and warm and active, just not after 7pm. And I wonder, who decided all the fun has to happen when the lights go down, anyway? Who made this decision? Because when it's dark, all my body wants to do is sleep, but baby, at the crack of dawn, when there is only a sliver of light I am up and ready for any adventure you throw my way. We can dance to bad disco in our underwear. We can spend hours playing dress up in my closet. We can road trip to a cowboy bar in the middle of the desert and eat BBQ. We can climb to the top of a mountain and see all the world and everything we want to be, or we can just stay in bed and snuggle between linen sheets. Also nobody brunches better than me. And making out in dark crowded bar??? Obviously you have never made out to an early morning sunrise, because that beats the pants off of any other make-out in the world. Also flea markets!  Discotheque darlings never ever get the best items at the rosebowl...they are too busy nursing their hangovers. 

Did you know that the early morning hours before the sun comes up are the hours of absolute magic? The universe is more open to your energy and your prayers from 4am till 7am. And you know who gets to access all that magic? The people that fall asleep at 11pm on a Saturday night, that's who. All the magic I have been accessing these past 8 years, being an early to bed, early to rise kind of girl, makes me the perfect partner to frolic through fields with, while wearing daisy chains in our hair, falling and laughing in the sunshine while giggling till our sides hurt. The perfect person to share icecream cones with while holding hands and dreaming the kind of dreams, that only come, at the end of summer, when the the light begins it's decent into golden glow, just a wee bit earlier than the day before. Because I'm a magical daytime dreamer that will forever entice you with my version of the life changing party, that you cannot miss, it just happens to start at 6am.


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