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Feelin' Summer Boho

BellJar girls are obsessed with bohemian style. We can't get enough; our closets are overflowing. We find much inspiration from fleamarkets, old photos from the past and scouring vintage shops. You can tell our obsession is affecting our buying, as the store is overflowing with the perfect boho dresses. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Vintage Inspiration ll ll ll ll ll Some of today's Boho Dress Trends ll ll ll ll ll ll ll...

Maybe I would be someting you would be good at

Sometimes, when blogging, I ponder exactly why I'm communicating on such a personal level. I often wonder if I'm supposed to just share beautiful and inspiring images or tell you all about the goings on at BellJar. The last post I wrote was definitely an insight to my feelings. As a business owner and a women who constantly strives to be a strong, secure and inspirational, it seems to me that selling items that enrich lives on an atheistic level, as full-fulling as that is, is not enough. I want something more.

The Dream Is Over, Just Beginning For Me

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If I were Golden...