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Detroit/Lake Michigan Get-Away

One of my darling friends Featherheart got married on the fourth up on Lake Michigan. I decided to go out early and hang with her in Detroit do some shopping for the shop and a little for myself too. I personally got like 30 new vintage dresses and then tons of other goodies for the shop. Stop in and check it out next week. Also check out Featherhearts Etsy. She makes organic face and body creams, salves and other amazing goodies. I restocked and I swear my skin already looks smoother and clearer. I particularly love the lavender oil and all the Salves. Detroit was so crazy. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was just so distracted!!! It was completely abandoned and blown out downtown and all the surrounding neighborhoods. There were beautiful amazing 2 story brick and Victorian style houses just burnt out and boarded up. Even downtown had mini skyscrapers that were completely abandoned and empty with broken windows. Within this chaos is a college and all these amazing young artist and musicians struggling to keep their city alive. The amount of pride amongst all the amazing people I met, just totally blew me away and made Detroit on of my favorite cities I have ever been too. It's a cold reminder of urban flight and the country's ability to just turn it's back on a community. But on the flip-side it's also so inspirational to see the creativity and hope that can grow out such a situation. And for those that have not been there, it is a situation. I stayed in a little area outside of downtown, Ferndale that was really cute. It had an artsy cool vibe and the most amazing vintage store Lost and Found. I went crazy there. I was seriously having a heart attack at all the perfect vintage dresses. It was like SF in the early 90's when Wasteland actually sold amazing vintage and everything was like under 50. I DIE!!! Then we headed to the lake. The adorable sales girls at Lost and Found also came to the wedding. Loads of food, lake time, cool old restaurants, a Parade in the downtown of this cute little all American town called Harbor Springs, not to mention a lot of drinking, fire building and all around country goodness. Also got to hang with my best friend Christel, who although lives in the same city as me, we never get to hang out. Such is the life of busy glamour girls. 232323232fp-7;>nu=3243>9-8>659>WSNRCG=3387<37275338nu0mrj IMG_2658 232323232fp-82>nu=3243>9-8>659>WSNRCG=3387<45;48338nu0mrj IMG_2653 The bride looked so amazing I just could not get enough of her. Her dress was Vintage and cost 8 dollars. Love it. Her flowers were daisy's and I'm loving her head wreath. I caught the Bouquet after drinking like 6 lynch-berg lemon-aides. Last time I did that I was married within the year. I'm just saying. IMG_2704 IMG_2686 232323232fp-7;>nu=3243>9-8>659>WSNRCG=3387<47635338nu0mrj IMG_2612

Sorry I've Been So MIA

I brought my computer to South Carolina with every intention of keeping up with the BellJar blog, but I guess I just got too busy having fun. It's the first trip I have taken since the store open that did not revolve around work. And after two and a half years it was much overdue. IMG_2412 IMG_2417 IMG_2405 IMG_2477 IMG_2401 IMG_2510 IMG_2532 IMG_2512 IMG_2518 IMG_2524 IMG_2503 IMG_2527 IMG_2525 IMG_2392 IMG_2394 IMG_2395 IMG_2435 IMG_2441 IMG_2436 I went out with Olivia Song Park, Kevin Earl Taylor, and Ben Baumgartner, for the group show Kevin Curated, Diverse Chorus featuring 27 American Artist. Got some shots of my Favorite pieces. Kevin grew up in Charleston and he and his family treated us to such an amazing trip...with all that Southern hospitality we all dream about. We did a lot of eating, shopping and seeing the beautiful Palmetto State. Took a day trip to Savannah, hit up a flea market and scored a bunch of amazing records, did a bunch of vintage shopping for the store, hung out with Kevins friends and family and best of all saw Kevins band White Boy Crazy play!!!

The Source From Which I Draw My Strength

IMG_2267 IMG_2232 Spent the weekend in Butterfly Valley for my cousins wedding. This is the country where I was born. It's located deep inside the feather river canyon and it's lush, green, rocky mountains are split by smooth water formed rocks that are carved by the massive river that winds between. Every-time I come home, I am grounded by the roots by which I came, although I hardly resemble the landscapes of my past. IMG_2215 Uncle Keith the man who conducted the ceremony at my wedding. I got his licensee on the internet!! Universal church of Life. And he put it to good use again marring his son! IMG_2224 Auntie Lori who also delivered me! No she is not a doctor but she did a smash up job! My family with all their quirks and charm, might on the street view me as a creature that is unrelatable to their world, but as we sit over a glass of wine with the meadows surrounding us, it's all so clear. These are the people that formed the core of who I am. And although they laugh as a talk about my city frolics, shoe obsessions and over priced hair appointments, they see the girl that I am. When my soul feels depleted they have the ability to refill it. And when I need spiritual guidance these are the people I turn too, as their understanding of the universe and of human goodness can be rivaled by no other. On Friday I felt reluctant to go. Tried my hardest to get out of it, but when I saw how angry and upset it made my Mother, I hopped in the car, begrudgingly, and set my course North East. Sometimes it's as if the universe knows what's good for me, even when I am at a loss. When I arrived at the step of the canyon I could feel myself calm. As I drove further up those winding roads to the little road leading to the Valley it felt beautiful to be back. I could not believe it had been two years. It's amazing for those of you that know me well, but I was most excited to hang out with my little second cousins Kaya and Rohan. I have never been the type of girl to obsess or fawn over babies and although I adore my nieces and nephew without a doubt, these two little kids always have my heart. At the wedding I couldn't be bothered my much else, but to sit with them on the couch, read books and snuggle. They both fell asleep on top of me and I insisted they come home with me and spend the night. They did not protest. We spent the next day together and I kept threatening to bring them home with me. As I departed and Kaya asked if she could come home with me, I almost started to cry. IMG_2240 My sweet Kaya, who hopefully come visit soon so we can go to the ballet together! IMG_2252 Rohan the cutest preemie baby growing up with the most loving little soul in the world. Also and amazing artist. Home now and it felt good to get back to the gym this morning, but as I took a run through the valley yesterday and passed the big meadow full of horses, one of my aunts mares ran beside me along the fence until she could run no more...and I was thinking, I could really get back in to this whole nature life full time, if I could only figure out how to walk in sleet, snow and mud a little bit better in my high heels! XO IMG_2208 Aunties House! IMG_2259 No relation but man I dug his style!!!

Hitch a Ride to the End of the Highway

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LA Trip

DSC07642 It's our last day in LA and I have been staying at my friend Lily's house in Hancock Park. Such a amazing neighborhood and her house is to die for. It's a Jewish hood and there are tons of Hasidic Jews around, which of course I LOVE, as I have a fascination for the Hacieds. I was thinking about going to Temple yesterday to find myself a Jewish husband but then I got sucked in to records, good food and conversation with the ladies and I forgot all about that bright idea. DSC07637 Lily is so amazing to hang out with. Her house is beautiful, well lit and she has an amazing record collection. We have not watched TV once. We just sit, spin records and talk about life, love, music and a whole lot about our pets! This trip has been so nice and mellow that I am dreaming of moving to LA. It's so strange that a huge city like LA feels so much more laid back and closer to nature than SF. It smells like lilacs, there are deers running around in the hills and all I want to do is take walks in the pretty neighborhoods. Friday night was our only night on the LA fashion scene. We went to the Odd Molly's store opening and saw loads of celebs, drank free drinks and laughed at the paparazzi. I kept joking that my friend Lisa forgot to alert the press I was coming, as the paparazzi didn't seem to care when I walked the red carpet. They don't get me in LA yet, but I'm HUGE in Japan! Tee Hee. But we did see some fancy people. We were most excited about Lydia Hearst and it was cool to see Fabrizio from the strokes and his hot french girlfriend, Binki Shapiro, DJ. But best of all I got to hang with my girl Lisa Davidson from showroom 7! Tonight I go to her house for dinner. She keeps telling me I have to see her pad so I'm super excited to check out her fab decor. oddmolly_engstrom132 oddmolly_engstrom108 97890446 97890446 97890446 97890446 Today we finished off our day with shoe shopping. Our pal over at Laurie Hausen show room, Nicolette told us about a big sale, so we scored big time. I don't know what to say other than shoe shopping makes me happy!!! We also stopped off at the Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake for dinner and a beer. And some cute boy watching too! DSC07659 All and all it was a great trip. Her are a few snippet's of some of the Fall apparel...I know a huge tease. Won't start coming in till July, but in the meantime we have tons of spring pouring in! DSC07589 DSC07610 DSC07613