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I've Got A Brand New Pair Of Rollerskates

tumblr_l1nek5Kl841qzv83i tumblr_l29zxw0e6i1qzv83io1_500 tumblr_l1xot7DjIU1qzhl9eo1_500 tumblr_l1wtymqzZa1qa1iiqo1_500 tumblr_l2bor9kNmG1qzv83io1_500 tumblr_l2klm1CjKf1qzv83io1_500 tumblr_l1lzexPXtw1qbqwc2o1_500 Moving slowly, back to my daily routine...excited to get boxes from south carolina filled with amazing scores. But the mail is working like a snail. Staff meeting last night and all my girls are so amazing right now. Couldn't be more pleased. Doing a BellJar Girls™ photo shoot soon so look out for all that glamour coming your way. It's almost just too, too much. I know, I'm sitting here freaking out right now! Drinks with a boy later tonight. Seriously can I get some back up from the SF ladies on dating in this town. I swear it was not this bad pre-married days. Oh back in the 2000's things were sooooo much simpler. Hmm well none the less, you just get back on that horse. But I swear I feel more trampled these days then that time I got kicked off my arabian during a western trick riding contest. And that left in the hospital for over a week. But I'm still hopeful. I refuse to be some wallflower sitting in the corner, feeling sorry for herself. Where there is flame there is fire...and for those who know me, well there is certainly fire. Maybe if your lucky I'll give you all some deets. Or maybe not. Depends on my mood and shade of polish. xo Darling

This should alwyas be Sunday...

IMG_2365 IMG_2364 IMG_2363 IMG_2361 IMG_2359 IMG_2370 IMG_2371 IMG_2374 Caitlin and I frolic around Sanoma and Marin County with our dogs. Farm and goats in Petaluma, Beers at the Western in Point Reyes where we meet two nice Country boys who take us to field and barn where we have them to take our pictures....rounded up by BBQ Oysters in Tomalos Bay...and of course Champagne. Caitlin I love our Sunday girl dates.

The Source From Which I Draw My Strength

IMG_2267 IMG_2232 Spent the weekend in Butterfly Valley for my cousins wedding. This is the country where I was born. It's located deep inside the feather river canyon and it's lush, green, rocky mountains are split by smooth water formed rocks that are carved by the massive river that winds between. Every-time I come home, I am grounded by the roots by which I came, although I hardly resemble the landscapes of my past. IMG_2215 Uncle Keith the man who conducted the ceremony at my wedding. I got his licensee on the internet!! Universal church of Life. And he put it to good use again marring his son! IMG_2224 Auntie Lori who also delivered me! No she is not a doctor but she did a smash up job! My family with all their quirks and charm, might on the street view me as a creature that is unrelatable to their world, but as we sit over a glass of wine with the meadows surrounding us, it's all so clear. These are the people that formed the core of who I am. And although they laugh as a talk about my city frolics, shoe obsessions and over priced hair appointments, they see the girl that I am. When my soul feels depleted they have the ability to refill it. And when I need spiritual guidance these are the people I turn too, as their understanding of the universe and of human goodness can be rivaled by no other. On Friday I felt reluctant to go. Tried my hardest to get out of it, but when I saw how angry and upset it made my Mother, I hopped in the car, begrudgingly, and set my course North East. Sometimes it's as if the universe knows what's good for me, even when I am at a loss. When I arrived at the step of the canyon I could feel myself calm. As I drove further up those winding roads to the little road leading to the Valley it felt beautiful to be back. I could not believe it had been two years. It's amazing for those of you that know me well, but I was most excited to hang out with my little second cousins Kaya and Rohan. I have never been the type of girl to obsess or fawn over babies and although I adore my nieces and nephew without a doubt, these two little kids always have my heart. At the wedding I couldn't be bothered my much else, but to sit with them on the couch, read books and snuggle. They both fell asleep on top of me and I insisted they come home with me and spend the night. They did not protest. We spent the next day together and I kept threatening to bring them home with me. As I departed and Kaya asked if she could come home with me, I almost started to cry. IMG_2240 My sweet Kaya, who hopefully come visit soon so we can go to the ballet together! IMG_2252 Rohan the cutest preemie baby growing up with the most loving little soul in the world. Also and amazing artist. Home now and it felt good to get back to the gym this morning, but as I took a run through the valley yesterday and passed the big meadow full of horses, one of my aunts mares ran beside me along the fence until she could run no more...and I was thinking, I could really get back in to this whole nature life full time, if I could only figure out how to walk in sleet, snow and mud a little bit better in my high heels! XO IMG_2208 Aunties House! IMG_2259 No relation but man I dug his style!!!

Country Soul for City Folks

Somedays, I just have to get out of the city. I could never live full time in the country, I mean where would I wear my high heels, but I sure am happy that in San Francisco you can drive a little north and enjoy all the country life a girl could need. Anyway it was a fab Sunday and like I have been saying, this is gonna be the best summer ever! IMG_2174 IMG_2176 29831_393329382979_700107979_3902631_418792_n IMG_2159 29831_393329367979_700107979_3902629_646640_n 29831_393329232979_700107979_3902614_5305584_n IMG_2164 29831_393329212979_700107979_3902611_164298_n 29831_393329172979_700107979_3902606_7329144_n IMG_2177 IMG_2163 29831_393329367979_700107979_3902629_646640_n 30281_424138841214_614126214_5968591_6025947_n

I Can't Believe it's Been Two Years

I'm so elated, stressed, proud, tired and beside myself with utter joy, that my little, beautiful boutique is turning two years old. To celebrate, I have gathered some of my favorite artist from the past two years, to exhibit together in one glorious show! Being surrounded by so much talent keeps me motivated and inspired and I thank them all for their continuous support. Here are the details: San Francisco, CA, March Friday the 12th, 2010 6-9 PM—BellJar will be hosting a group show retrospect of some of our favorite artist that we have had the pleasuring of working with. Come and Join our celebration of two glamorous years and counting as well as the launch of our e-commerce site. Enjoy cocktails, vintage photo-booth pictures from Glass Coat ( and cupcakes from Mission Minis! ( Gallery Belljar will be featuring the work of many talented local artists’ that have graced the Gallery BellJar’s walls!