Country Soul for City Folks

Somedays, I just have to get out of the city. I could never live full time in the country, I mean where would I wear my high heels, but I sure am happy that in San Francisco you can drive a little north and enjoy all the country life a girl could need. Anyway it was a fab Sunday and like I have been saying, this is gonna be the best summer ever! IMG_2174 IMG_2176 29831_393329382979_700107979_3902631_418792_n IMG_2159 29831_393329367979_700107979_3902629_646640_n 29831_393329232979_700107979_3902614_5305584_n IMG_2164 29831_393329212979_700107979_3902611_164298_n 29831_393329172979_700107979_3902606_7329144_n IMG_2177 IMG_2163 29831_393329367979_700107979_3902629_646640_n 30281_424138841214_614126214_5968591_6025947_n

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