“A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future.”

As I have already posted that we are steadily working towards the launch of our website and have been shooting product and doing the oh so fabulous and exciting data entry portion of the job almost everyday. We really are close and I'm  starting to get excited. Next week Jasmine and I take off to Vegas for Pool, Project, ENK and Magic for five days. It just so happens that this years events fall during Valentines day which really put a damper on our trip. We had a special hook-up to stay at the
Wyyn Hotel for $20 a night but since it fell over a holiday week we were out of luck. The rooms were going to be $250 a night!!! The reason we go to Vegas and not Coterie in New Work is because it's more affordable! Well $250 a night is not more affordable! So now we are staying at the lovely and fabulous Greek Isles off the strip! Since we are fans of both the low and the high brow here at BellJar, we are going to embrace our stay at this fine establishment and do it old school, brat pack style! Someday we will look back on all this with the fondest of memories as we sip champagne, eat caviar and stay in the finest resorts. Look forward to some glamorous shenanigan, video posts next week!

We have the Valentines show next Friday that we posted yesterday so please come by and say hello before we take off ! Expect love, glamour and excitement! Me and Jasmine promise to flirt with all the singles and to inspire all to feel special.

On the romance front, I am readjusting my earlier post about wanting to fall in love this year...to instead say, maybe I want to fall in love later this year. Or maybe I just want to be like CoCo Chanel and just have many glamorous love affairs throughout the span of my life.  As she so wisely said, "There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time!" I feel the pressure of that fact everyday. A life with out romance is an empty futile existence, but balancing the two leaves me with little time to sleep. So for now, let's stick with the light affairs, dinner and a few nights dancing till after the website goes live. Then we will see what level of love I have time and or patience for. 

That gives me a great idea....for the rest of the month I include wise words from CoCo in each of my posts!

Also a few weeks ago a few of my old rockabilly girlfriends and I got decked out and went dancing and I had such a fabulous time. I forgot how much I enjoy dancing...and by dancing, I mean with a partner. I have never grown used to the single style of dancing. I mean I do it, when needed, but I feel flailing and lonely on the dance floor. There is nothing like having a tall guy, hold you, while you dance and lead your body in to the proper moves. It breaks my precious little heart that I live in day and age where so many of these glamorous art forms are nearly dead. As you have all heard me say, too many times, "I was born in the wrong era."

So go fourth my friends and wear a pretty dress, some perfume and maybe even some eyelashes, expect a boy open the door for you and take you to a nice dinner, as you deserve it, you are a lady!!!

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