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Art Opening: Kime Buzzelli

We BellJar girls love a great art show - the visual stimulation, the feelings that a good piece of artwork can evoke, and the conversations that it can inspire are all part of the thrill of seeing new work being unveiled. It is even more exciting when the pieces are so vibrant and surreal... which is exactly Kime Buzzelli's forte.



Kime Buzzelli is an artist who lives and creates in Joshua Tree. One can only imagine the amount of inspiration that could be drawn from such a magical, desolate, and vast location. Influenced by notions of illusion, dream worlds, desert sunsets, witchcraft and small town lore, Buzzelli's heroines navigate mysterious and dazzling landscapes of color, interacting with ghostly sensations, dreams and memories along the way. Buzzelli's paintings are sure to strike a chord in the hearts of anyone who lays their eyes on them - the mysticism of each and every piece is truly mesmerizing.



There is a certain dark and moody feeling that is conveyed through the strong female figures that Buzzelli constructs. Her mix of collage, colliding colors and patterns, and illustration adds even more layers of meaning to each piece. The final product is raw, relatable, and empowering. Such dreamlike images are fascinating to muse over and to contemplate what meaning it holds for you.




Come sip a cocktail with us and enjoy Kime Buzzelli's artwork this Friday night (11/14) from 6-9pm! This will truly be a sensational night of dreamy vibes, creative energy, and endless inspiration.


Artist Feature: Emily Katz Macrame Plant Hangers

Emily Katz is an inspiring artist based out of Portland, Oregon. Her keen eye for design and impressive background of schooling, which includes studying Fiber and Printmaking at Lorenzo Di Medici in Italy, are apparent in her unique creations. Emily is also constantly collaborating with new artists from all over the world to bring us the most innovative and exciting designs. Emily is also the creator of the most whimsical macrame plant hangers, which you can now find at BellJar!



What we love the most about Emily is her personality, which we see not only in her artwork, but also in the way she writes. As she puts it herself, "Emily Katz can braid her hair upside down, make up a song on the spot, catch a fly in her hand, will never refuse an invitation to breakfast, and will bake you the best pie you have ever tasted."



Emily's macrame creations are equal parts beauty and function -  and they bring just the perfect touch to any space. Having hanging plants strewn about will brighten up your home even in the coldest of months. The fact that these macrame plant hangers are all handmade makes them even more warm and inviting!



The simplistic nature of these plant hangings makes them the perfect addition to any style of home, whether it be more modern and minimalistic or colorful and bohemian. Stop by BellJar to check out these beauties in person and see for yourself!

Tarot Card Readings & Enchanted Fortune Telling Event

Halloween is a time to embrace magic, mystery, and all things spooky.


This is the time of year when the veils between the worlds are thinnest... and having your tarot cards read is a perfect way to get your night off to a mystical start.


wild unknown


Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years as a way to gain insight into questions that we cannot answer ourselves. They aid us in seeking knowledge about the unknown through supernatural means. They are most commonly used to help us measure potential outcomes involving situations with people or certain events in our lives. Tarot cards can bring ideas and possibilities to light that we would have never thought of on our own.


wild unknown tarot card


Matthew Drewry Baker of The Hanged Man Co. is a San Francisco based artist and fortune teller who will be helping us all get in the magical mood with tarot card readings. Matthew will summon enchantment and will guide us as we glance into our future. He will send us off into a spooky night full of ghouls and ghosts with just the right amount of inner-reflection and some seriously witchy vibes. Join us for tarot card readings and blood orange cocktails on Halloween, Friday the 31st from 4pm-7pm. 

Young In The Mountain Jewelry and Pottery Event

Stop by and meet Mariele from Young in the Mountains from 12 - 7pm Saturday, October 25th.


Photo Mar 28, 4 26 02 PM


She will be selling her beautiful, handmade pottery and jewelry all day. And each little vase will be full of gorgeous flowers by Lizzy from Saturday Flowers. Mariele established her design studio in San Francisco to create work that reminded her of what it was like to be YOUNG IN THE MOUNTAINS. Where you listen to the seasons changing, to energize your aesthetic and mood. Where there is only room for simple, purposeful and inspired design and everything else is gone with the shift of the breeze. Both her jewelry and pottery reflects this belief.d4cfdf31a9111eb08a720cb545ed4cfa

Woven Secrets, Textural Dreams – New Works by Tehya Shea & Janelle Pietrzak


Friday, July 18th 6-9 pm Come celebrate these one-of-a-kind pieces, by two of the most magical weaving babes around. music, cocktails and good vibes



Tehya Shea is a multidisciplinary artist with deep roots in the foothills of northern California in the old gold rush town of Nevada City, Ca. In childhood she began to experience and understand the attraction and importance of textile arts. Always drawn to pattern and texture, visual aesthetic informed her path from the very beginning. Influenced by her various homes in the west: Colorado, New Mexico, California, she has developed her craft in the spirit of the pioneers from the past, the constant searchers. In her recent work she has come home. This is evident in the way that she weaves together her stories, instincts and collected memories into textural landscapes of reflection and transformation. Letting the imperfections of being human flow, Tehya allows for the wild and untamed to inform her creations.


Janelle Pietrzak is a Los Angeles textile artist, working under the name All Roads. After 10 years in the fashion industry, she is now a full time artist. Her work is a nod to the nostalgic fiber art of the mid-century, but with unique color combinations and materials. All Roads is a creative workshop and textile studio in Los Angeles and is a culmination of past experiences and a collective of skill sets. Carpentry, welding, sewing and weaving are trades combined to solve design challenges and create objects and spaces.