Art Opening: Kime Buzzelli

We BellJar girls love a great art show - the visual stimulation, the feelings that a good piece of artwork can evoke, and the conversations that it can inspire are all part of the thrill of seeing new work being unveiled. It is even more exciting when the pieces are so vibrant and surreal... which is exactly Kime Buzzelli's forte.



Kime Buzzelli is an artist who lives and creates in Joshua Tree. One can only imagine the amount of inspiration that could be drawn from such a magical, desolate, and vast location. Influenced by notions of illusion, dream worlds, desert sunsets, witchcraft and small town lore, Buzzelli's heroines navigate mysterious and dazzling landscapes of color, interacting with ghostly sensations, dreams and memories along the way. Buzzelli's paintings are sure to strike a chord in the hearts of anyone who lays their eyes on them - the mysticism of each and every piece is truly mesmerizing.



There is a certain dark and moody feeling that is conveyed through the strong female figures that Buzzelli constructs. Her mix of collage, colliding colors and patterns, and illustration adds even more layers of meaning to each piece. The final product is raw, relatable, and empowering. Such dreamlike images are fascinating to muse over and to contemplate what meaning it holds for you.




Come sip a cocktail with us and enjoy Kime Buzzelli's artwork this Friday night (11/14) from 6-9pm! This will truly be a sensational night of dreamy vibes, creative energy, and endless inspiration.


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