Artist Feature: Emily Katz Macrame Plant Hangers

Emily Katz is an inspiring artist based out of Portland, Oregon. Her keen eye for design and impressive background of schooling, which includes studying Fiber and Printmaking at Lorenzo Di Medici in Italy, are apparent in her unique creations. Emily is also constantly collaborating with new artists from all over the world to bring us the most innovative and exciting designs. Emily is also the creator of the most whimsical macrame plant hangers, which you can now find at BellJar!



What we love the most about Emily is her personality, which we see not only in her artwork, but also in the way she writes. As she puts it herself, "Emily Katz can braid her hair upside down, make up a song on the spot, catch a fly in her hand, will never refuse an invitation to breakfast, and will bake you the best pie you have ever tasted."



Emily's macrame creations are equal parts beauty and function -  and they bring just the perfect touch to any space. Having hanging plants strewn about will brighten up your home even in the coldest of months. The fact that these macrame plant hangers are all handmade makes them even more warm and inviting!



The simplistic nature of these plant hangings makes them the perfect addition to any style of home, whether it be more modern and minimalistic or colorful and bohemian. Stop by BellJar to check out these beauties in person and see for yourself!

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