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Darling Spring Window Install

We were planning on putting up a gothy kind of pretty valentines day window, but then I got obsessed with these pretty flowers when I was shopping and decided to just do a pretty spring window!!! So here a few pictures from the install and the final product! Come by and check them out!!!

Had a mini girls night.

Mandy Darling and I had dinner at Maverick, which is so amazing if you have not been please go! WE had a few glasses of wine with dinner and an amazing cheese plate for dessert and then promptly ran out of the shop to fetch the Pig and head home. There was a monsoon outside and we had the tiniest of all tiny umbrellas and by the time we made it back to BellJar we were soaking wet. I had this scratchy throat all week and I woke up this morning with what appears to be a full...