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Don't read my blog!

One of the issues with blogging candidly is fear that it will hurt the people that are involved with the blogger. I think it is important to bring the readers of "gorgeous little things" an honest look at what makes my life so beautiful and glamorous. There is much more to life than just wearing pretty clothes or nice shoes (although these things are very important). It's also all of the other aspects of life: personal relationships, passion for work, interaction with family, desire to build & create art and/or something that is meaningful to the individual. These are the things that make my life rich. But I'm a very 'all over the place' person. That fact keeps me creative but drives those around me crazy. And I want to share that "mad" creativity with my readers in an honest way. But I also don't want to upset my beaus in the process...or friends for that matter.

I encourage people that I'm dating NOT to ready my blog. It is dramatic, over the top, often for show & entertainment, and displays just how I'm feeling at that moment. As I said, I'm all over the place. Those who have known me for 10 plus years know that, accept it, embrace it and, I hope, adore it. But for those just becoming acquainted with me, it can be frustrating. One day I can be, "I hate the color pink, it is vile and anyone wearing is should be killed" and then the next day, re-do the whole store in pink. I am much the same in my relationships. One day I will be dating someone and be soo madly in love I can't see straight and the next day be, "eh, I don't like the way he cuts his food, I'm over it". And then the day after that be like, "cool let's hang out". See the picture?

Being the object of someones desire, especially when you are undirected like me, is entertaining but also frustrating. So I'm not looking for that kind of passion, I'm more entertained by my work passion. I just need people around me who can accept and embrace all the strange and often annoying little things I do. Like being wishy washy, dramatic and inconsistent. Anyway, I don't think I even want a relationship...well at least not today. Tomorrow, maybe I'll meet the man of my dreams, or maybe I already know him, or maybe I'll stay single, or maybe I'll have two boyfriends, or get married but live next door to my husband or maybe I'll get married like 10 times like Liz Taylor or maybe I should marry a rich guy or an artist or a construction worker, or maybe I'll be like my aunt and uncle and never get married but have kids, but ewe maybe I don't want kids, or maybe I'll just go shoe shopping and put on some red lipstick. hmmm okay...I can't figure this all out today.


Jump out the window if you are the object of passion. Flee it if you feel it. Passion goes, boredom remains.
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