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What A Mega Babe.

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Current Obsession!

The Swedish duo Waldemar & Max style has that dreamy, sad quality that I adore. Their use of flooded natural light makes me feel like it's gonna be a good day today! Yay!

Alone in the Woods-

My dear internet friend Jessica Joslin that I have blogged about before contributes to this great blog called hautemacabre. I was browsing it today and found these amazing pictures.

They featureknitwear extraordinaire Sandra Backlund † Photographed by Denise Grünstein

Thanks Jessica and team! It pays to know talented people!  

Please don't leave me!

Creepy Little Children

One of my favorite subject matters. I'm a huge fan of horror movies with children ghosts or monsters. I'm loving these images by Vee Speers.