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Darlings Love Furry Creatures

As you all know we love furry creatures here at BellJar. Some adorn our walls forever more and some are little fat piglets that run around and greet you as you walk through the doors. I got my dog through Rocket Dog Rescue and most of you have experienced how amazing she is! This is such a great event and a cause I believe in immensely. So when G over at The Avant-Gardist asked us to lend out our fabulous fashions for the event, how could I say no! Especially since we recently were fostering the little dog Sonic...and we are still hoping to find him a good home! So Please come out in support~ xo fashionshow

Darling Approved: Josie Morway

Lovely Creature paintings, mostly birds, but we like birds!!!

New Obsession-

My roomate Tiff over at yes please has me completely addicted to the amazing cows and this blog, fuck yeah highland cattle