A Certain Connection

Had a day that reminded me to embrace all the lessons life has affored me: connectivity, truth, passion, desire and most importantly, possessing a positive nature. The stress of my life, being a single, business owner has been really getting me down. At the core I believe that I manifest my own reality and lately I have been manifesting stress and an overwhelming sinking feeling that it's all too much. Had an early supper with a good friend that helped me brainstorm some inspiring marketing ideas, as well as just some good, plain, tough-love truth. Feeling a bit grounded, walked back to the shop and ran into old, dear friend, Shawna who recently moved away. She is a spry, lovely bundle of positivity and seeing her lovely face put me in the right mood to just keep moving forward and finish all the tasks at hand. So to the universe and to all my lovely life supports I say thank you!  I told you this was gonna be my year. Is it ok that I'm writing this in a T-shirt and fishnets? I think so. So take another sip of champagne and get ready for all that BellJar and I (Sasha Darling) have to give!!!

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