Vegas Grannies

Our first day of Vegas was spent doing Antique shopping and trying to find some good Vintage, but Vegas seems to be a bit shopped out. We did score big time in the home dept some come in in a few weeks and see what we got!!!!

Veges is such a weird town. We have definitely not been doing the strip, big time Vegas so far. We are staying in a crappy little hotel right by the convention center and have thus far managed to completely avoid the strip! But we did go to the old town strip yesterday and eat at a Buffet at the Gold Nugget. I like old town soooo much better than the strip. The signs and the Typography of the old places are so cool, and I love the gritty old timey feeling. The strip is too big, flashy and modern. I really hate modern. (Well unless it's Mid-Century!!!) I wish the future looked like people projected it would look in the 50's rather than what it is. I want atomic and exciting,  not sleek and boring. I want bright, fun glamour with cocktail hour, not beige and slutty with table service. *Le Sigh. I was born in the wrong decade.

Anyway, Jasmine and I have been really big grandma's anyway. We went and got Mani/Pedis last night and then went a supermarket and bought trash magazines, junk food, and cheap wine. I think were asleep by like 10:30. Jasmine is the perfect traveling partner for me. She may be 10 years younger than me but she has the soul of a granny. She hates night-clubs as much as I do, and she also has an affinity for the orange food group™. She is my Fav!

I'm thinking that I may try and get us tickets to go see Tom Jones...One I say the Drifters, The Platters and the Coasters in were talking night life. I have just come to realize I would much rather hang out at joints where old people frequent than where young people do. A Beau took me to Bixs in San Francisco on sat night and I was soo in to it. It's like old school and we were definitely the youngest people in there.

Tomorrow the trade show madness begins! Updates soon-

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