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I keep saying that 2010 is my year, and so far it feels like things are really going my way. We are moving along with the website, there has been a good amount of contact from press and I generally feel healthy happy and fulfilled. I have a lot that I want to get done and it seems that the one problem I'm having is waking up early enough in the day t get it all done. I wake up bu 8 usually but after going to the gym and general beauty regiment (shower, curl, eyelash, dress and heel) It seems like I can never leave the house before 11. We still manage to get a lot accomplished at the shop but there is so much more to be done!

1. Photshoots- We need to finish shooting all the new spring, jewelery and sale! We also need to get it uploaded to the site asap! We hope to launch the new e-commerce site next month. Currently we have been shooting on our own, but we need some help for the final push, so anyone who wants to come in and help us for their portfolios, experience and maybe some lovely merch trade, let us know. I mean isn't just hanging around he BellJar girls reason enough? We promise beauty and decor tips as well as champagne!

2. Video Casts. I want to start doing a weekly video on style, shopping, beauty, love, fashion, and random darling ramblings. Do you guys think you care to hear such things as flea market tips, how to apply fake eyelashes or possibly about my ever fascinating and often tragic but always glamorous love life?

3. Prepare the fall buying plan! We seem to keep running out of gorgeous little frocks for all you pretty ladies so we are really getting strategic for fall to make sure this does not continue to be the BellJar trend. (ps thanks for shopping) We Plan to continue on with Funktional, Grace Sun, and Literature Noir amongst others! But will be searching for new lines!

4. Buying trips and gift shows!!!! Loads of travel coming up. Enk, Project, Pool, International Gift Show, Stationary show and more!

5. Road trips to find random treasures. I need to get my pretty butt out many strange and beautiful things to be found and so little time! What if someone else beats me to them!

6. Get hair extensions put in, and buy some damn new fake eye-lashes...mine are tired I tell you. Ps girls only wear Shu Umera..I kid you not they are a dream come true! Recently a boy told me I had anime eyes. I'll take that!

7. Fall in love...I mean really darlings, isn't that the last step for our glamour filled lives? Well darn it if I don't fall in love weekly and I do enjoy all the lovely gifts, dinners and good conversation, (thanks boys) but this year is all about taking a bit of time to not only focus on my world style domination but also to take a bit of me time and have a real personal life again.

8. Take a vacation. Yes, yes I do realize I'm incredibly spoiled and get to travel all the time for work..and believe me I love my job so it never REALLY feels like work, but I desperately need a week or two somewhere exotic where I do nothing but sip on champagne and get massages! Santarini can you here me?

9. I really want to go to the worlds largest garage sale this year! Who wants to drive the truck?

10. Curate amazing art opening for Gallery BellJar- We have the next five months pretty much covered and I'm really excited about the art we will be showing, but I need to ramp it up, attend more art openings and focus some attention on my other true love. Curating art openings!

11. And of course post more eye candy for you all- so here you go-

xoxo And as always we love and adore you!

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