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Jonathan Postal San Francisco Photographer

Came across his work on facebook and really enjoyed it. He does modern work as well but I love his Punk and New Wave Documentary photos so much! I was just a little kid in the 70's but was so obsessed with them as a teen I almost feel like I was part of it. I was living over in Stinson Beach in the 70's and was already feeling the influences of new wave and by 13 was full on believer, much to my hippie parents dismay. I love to look at photography that makes me nostalgic for something I never really knew. These photos make me wish I was part of all. Or at least, that boys, still dressed as cute as the late 70's early 80's Punk and new wave boys did!!! can I get a hear hear? You can see more of his work or even hire him here..

Brigid Catiis- Recycled and Fashionable

Gen Art Pulse just did a piece on our new Brigid Catiis Fall 08 and fabulous eco friendly fashions- Stop in and check them out in person. We are dying over the black plaid dress-

Gen Art Pulse
Brigid Catiis

LuLu Frost

We are so honored and excited that the amazingly talented Lisa Salzer designer of LuLu Frost has chosen BellJar as it's exclusive San Francisco Retailer. Lisa takes vintage and antique pieces and reworks them into modern day wonders...I wear nothing but her line, and get stopped on the street on a daily basis with people asking what it is.

Not only that, but Lisa is a design and editorial darling - she's been featured in every magazine thinkable (was profiled as one to watch in Vogue 4 years ago) and she has a coveted following of editors, stylists, celebrities, socialites, and then some. She just had a party in SoHo to celebrate her new showroom launch and it was covered in Vanity Fair,, The Daily, PAPER and about 15 other places.

Here are some links:

Vanity Fair
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