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BellJar's Own Kittin Hawk

Featured in German style magazine Blonde! Making us proud and making you look amazing! She just brought i some new pieces today! You should come check them out! Also there are a few pieces for sale here on line. Like this one Or this one! tumblr_kzcfsaRWWg1qaeo79o1_400 tumblr_kzcfreoE5L1qaeo79o1_400 tumblr_kzcfnqfdMO1qaeo79o1_400

We love Double K!

Keleigh Kincaid besides being the sweetest and cutest girl in town, she also is one of the Best Local Jewelery Designers!! SHe also donates 10% iff er sales to breast cancer research. Check out more styles here!

Serial Cultura and Double K Jewelry Trunkshow

Thursday November 12
Drinks, Discounts, and Glamour-

Kittin Hawk Trunk show at BellJar Sunday at 3

I know most of you gals are already kittinhawk fans. but for those who don't know, she is one of San Francisco's premier indie designers and one gorgeous and glamorous girl.Her jewelery is to die for and a must have for fall- She is bringing down a whole trunk load of dresses and jewelry for the event- and of course their will be champagne. See you Sunday at three Darlings-

Untill then Sasha Darling will be on the raod picking up some gorgeous little things, so be there sunday to have first pick.


Kittinhawk is a line of delicate treasures made from recycled and vintage materials by Allysun Maria Dutra. every thing is hand made in the Mission District of San Francisco. Darling women's accessories and gorgeous couture clothing define Kittinhawk . The line is handmade with love and each piece is one of a kind. she mixes her love of fashion fancy and art with the idea of recycling and creating a local sustainable business. Working to change ideas about fashion by presenting beautiful cutting edge designs that are recycled. Kittinhawk represents wearable art instead of consumable product. Everything is from disassembled vintage clothing and jewels to salvaged materials, fabric scraps, and discarded thread. Deconstructed then reconstructed others unwanted items become modern elements of design. Kittinhawk is committed to change by being an example of "slow fashion" and the DIY handmade revolution. Thru love/ inspiration and community kittinhawk strives to be part of the solution instead of the problem. Support independent design and buy locally ..feel free to email with any questions or feedback. thank you. xxx

Meet Kitten Hawk and Magnetic Honey

Magnetic Honey- Claire Hummel

Kitten Hawk-by Ally Dutra

Now come in and see their work for amazing I wear the jewelery all the time and people chase me down the street to find out where i got it from. I have a lot in stock for holiday but it sells out super fast so I suggest you come in today and pick your favorite!