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Behind The Scenes

IMG_2303 IMAG0160 -2 -4 -3 Photo-shoot Fun Times. I need a drink after this day. It was long.

The love and Talented Darling Staff-

A view in to the life of our glamorous photo-shoot ala BellJar!!! We have been tirelessly working on the website, which includes a whole slew of boring things such as data entry, but it also involves photoshoots- Luckily I'm not only a master style maven, but I'm also a stylist, a make-up artist and a purveyor of all things lovely. And Jasmine dear is an expert at documenting our goings on! After a long weekend of selling you all pretty frocks and a little bit of whining (yes actual whining, not drinking wine) and dinning on our parts, I give you a sneak peak of our recent shoots! xo