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Moody Rainy SF

The weekend was chilly and rainy and it seems that spring in SF is off to a gloomy start. My mood seems to follow suit. Spent the day at the shop doing the ever so glam task of paying bills and doing catch up after a week in Vegas. We got tons of shipments and last Friday and the weekend was spent trying to get everything out on the floor so you all could come and get some pretty little things. After six hours of paying bills and fighting with my possessed printer, I just had to get away from work for a while and had a leisurely lunch down the street at Monks Kettle. After that I pretty much decided I needed some R&R; away from the shop and went home early and fell asleep. I don't know what it is, but I'm just in a funk. It's not normal for me...I'm pretty much an up, motivated and positive girl all the time, so for now I'm blaming it on the rain. I've got those moody, cranky, I want to pull the covers over my head and sleep for a week feelings. So maybe all you pretty ladies out there can leave a comment or post a picture that will inspire Sasha Darling to get back to her glamorous, fantastic self? It would just be darling of you.