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Girls Who Rock: Deap Vally

images 333260c0b739a356504fa2f058ed08f6 Deap-Vally-700x478 Do like girls who rock? If so, we would like you to meet Deap Vally. Deap Vally is a rock n' roll band consisting of Lindsey Troy (vocals & guitar) and Julie Edwards (drums). The girls originally met in a needlepoint class in Los Angeles, bonded over their love for the blues, and started the sassy band that is Deap Vally. With a sound parallel to The Black Keys...

Wild Belle Music Love

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Wild Belle

Ever since seeing Wild Belle perform at Coachella 2013, I have been hooked. Wild Belle, a band composed of siblings Elliot and Natalie Bergman from Chicago, just released their debut album Isles in March. The album, inspired by soul, jazz, and reggae sounds is the perfect soundtrack for a day of lounging in the park or by the beach, walking through the streets of San Francisco,...

Coachella 2014 Pre-sale Tickets!


This Monday, May 20th at 10AM PDT Coachella 2014 pre-sale tickets will be up for grabs. No, the line up for 2014's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will not be released for months to come, but you know it will be awesome. The perk of purchasing pre-sale tickets is that not only do you get a Coachella ticket but there is also a payment plan option. Set your alarms on Monday because these pre-sale tickets are sure to sell out quick.

Charolotte vous ĂȘtre mon meilleur ami?

Went to see Charlotte Gainsborough last night with Olivia. It was beautiful; she was very sweet and almost shy. I was surprised to find out it as her first live performance and felt honored to watch her slowly warm up to the audience. By the end of the performance she was belting out songs and singing old Serge ballads. After every song in her sweet little tiny french voice she said "thank you" and that alone made the audience sigh. She has sex appeal, presence, style and the kind of sweetness that makes you just want to take care of...

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