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A Little Bit Country

I really am dying to see Crazy Heart! Anyone that knows me, I'm a little bit country. I love old country I have 10 pairs of cowboy boots, I love to do the two step, I used to be rockabilly and I like a roadside as much as adore the fanciest four star restaurant. I do love to sip fancy savoy cocktails, but I can happily shoot Jim Beam with the boys in a sawdust covered bar with a cactus out front and and old rusty ford. I can watch urban cowboy over and over and over and wish desperately to someday recreate Sissys sexy bull-ride scene at a Gilly's in Texas. I can also shoot a gun, ride a horse western, and have been known to attend the rodeo. It's important to remember glamour comes in all sorts of packages and I prefer to not only have one wrapping! So take Darling to see this movie!