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Trunk show featuring Sacred Knots & Spirit Speak Tarot

Explore the art of Lise Silva creator of the sacred knot and Mary Elizabeth Evans the creator of Spirit Speak Tarot.

Together they have created In The House of Lovers. Come by and meet these lovely talented ladies.

Saturday September 26th

3-­7 at BellJar, San Francisco.

There will be drinks, Tarot readings, and creative energy all around!


In 2015 Mary & Lise launched In The House of Lovers, a collection of ceremonial artwear and one­ of­ a ­kind wall hangings that incorporate fiber, metals, and crystals. Drawing from their respective backgrounds in metalwork & fiber art, they use a wide range of techniques and materials to create each piece. Mary translates her whimsical tarot illustration into figurative metal pendants depicting hands, stars, eyes, and other powerful symbols. Lise uses color and design to construct a piece that supports or expounds upon the essence of Mary's charms. Their work is best described as statement jewelry, as each handcrafted, bold piece is imbued with special meaning. From weddings to protests, they have adorned In The House of Lovers wearers for the most sacred events.



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