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Artist Inspired

We are totally diggin' on the artist, Aili Schmeltz from Los Angeles! Her artwork is so unique, and what we love most is her use of color, and 3D illustrations. What do you think about these pieces? Aili Schmeltz, a Los Angeles based installation artist, sculptress, and co-founder of the Los Angeles Art Resource always knew she would become an artist from an early age. Much of her work is influenced by her upbringing in the suburban Midwest, and her Finnish-American family. She is also influenced by architectural elements, environmental histories, and colors/forms within landscapes. Reading, looking, and being curious is what continues to inspire Aili today. ll ll ll llll ll ll

We heart Elisa Mazzone!

We are absolutly dying and freaking out over Elisa Mazzone's girlie illustrations. Our fave part is how Elisa displays her own personality through her lovely ladies! Sometimes it feels like they will come to life. Elisa Mazzone, an Australian stylist, graphic designer, and illustrator has influenced audiences throughout the world. Now based in London, her work is featured in Harper's Bazaar, Madison, and East Living Magazines, as well as gracing covers of inimitable Hallmark cards in the UK. Are you feeling inspired yet? ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll