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BellJar Love - May Fourteenth

Ben Belsky has been one of our favorite customers since we first opened our doors. He is always in here buying amazing gifts for the lovely ladies in his life. All of us girls think he would be the best boyfriend in the whole world, so imagine how excited we were to find out that he was designing a super rad sunglass-line that he wanted BellJar to carry. Of course we freaked. IMG_2554 IMG_2544 IMG_2545 IMG_2540 IMG_2542 IMG_2547 He currently is doing a little pop-up shop over in the Lower Haight...featuring some rad art by Peter Gronquist that displays Gold Plated Guns and Taxidermy. Did you hear what I said? Gold Plated Gun's and Taxidermy. AMAZING!!!! Had a chance to pop in today to check out the space, hang with Ben order some glasses for BellJar and drool over the AMAZING Vintage Sunglass collection he has. Dying over a pair of Gucci's and a Pair of Dior's. We just might have to do a trade, for some Kittin Hawk necklaces Ben!!! From His Look Book! 3 8 10 4

New Amazing Boot Accesories!!!!

Boot Bandits!

Each pair of Bandits is handcrafted with the finest fabrics and brass details.


*Slide the Bandits over the top of your boots and let them fall loose
*After either slipping on or zipping into your boots, pull the Bandits up to the desired height
*Adjust and tighten the Bandits
*Bandits were designed to fit any sized boot and with a special non-slip backing, they are meant to stay on!
*Bandits were made for walking (and dancing!) so ENJOY!