Derailleur Impaler

IMG_2309 John Casey Cleary IMG_2310 Kylea Borges IMG_2311 IMG_2334 Resident BellJar Photographer Matt Reamer He is also riding in the Aids Life Cycle. Give him money!! IMG_2330 IMG_2329 IMG_2328 IMG_2327 IMG_2326 IMG_2319 IMG_2313 IMG_2332 Had dinner with Mandy Darling and came directly Home. I've been fighting a cold for the past few days. When I got home Tiff and her boy were making chicken soup for us. So sweet. Then I remembered Kylea had organized this art event and I had even sponsored it, so I had to high tail it back out. Super glad I did...all my peeps were out and I had a super good time. Scott was in particularly rare form last night (I Know you are reading this) and he kept me nice and entertained with his black metal inspired voice!! Still sad you aren't making it to SC with us next week. BOO

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