Scott Greenwalt

Gallery BellJar presents Scott Greenwalt April, Friday the 16th- 6-9 PM These are portraits of irregularity, malformation, deviation, degradation and disintegration. I see them as intimate celebrations of abnormality and imperfection. There is, admittedly, a macabre sensibility to my imagery; however, I see these morbid depictions in a romantic light. Through my paintings, I aim to peel back the veneered surface and magnify the grotesque and bizarre dimensions populated with twisted mutations of flesh and bone. Within this, I am fascinated by the phenomenon of repulsion; the impulse to turn away from sensory input which we find disquieting, both on an individual basis and on larger scales of culturally mitigated standards. I am interested in the psychological underpinnings of what makes an image simultaneously attractive and repellent.

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