Had a bit of a tough week so it was perfect timing for The Loved Ones to have a reunion and for me to be surrounded by all my oldest and dearest friends. People came out of the woodwork for this show and there were people there that I had not seen on like 10 years. It felt kinda like my wedding since Bart Davenport played at it and it was pretty much all the people that we in attendance for that blissful event, but we kept joking it was way more fun because Mason (the ex) was not there. (Sorry Mason, you know I still like to see you in very small doses). It was held at this super cute little Inn downtown called the Crescent Hotel and their intimate ballroom is a perfect place to see a show. Only issue was, their bartenders seemed a bit in over their heads and when I first got there and really needed a drink. It took hem foreves to get to me. A couple of my friends from the east bay had rooms for the night to avoid drinking and driving and the rooms were charming. I decided this is good place for a little romantic weekend away, but local. The Mike Therieau band opened and they were amazing of course. Had not seen Pat Johnson in a long time and it was great to he is still such a talented musician. Not like that every really changes, but still a pleasure. He wrote a song about me once, I wonder if he ever recorded it? The great thing about the night was the reminder why I still, really do love S.F. I have such incredibly strong roots and support here and whenever I return to the scenes that I grew up in, I remember that. The SF vibe in the early and mid 90's with all the Mods, Rockabilly and Psych/Garage kids all hanging out together, being creative, making music, creating art and designing our supper fancy scooters, were such positive times. When I go to events where we all come back together, it makes me question why I would ever leave home.


Here's me and Andy on Baby Blue and Little Red Menace around 99

Before I went to the show, Dusty and I had a bite at The Rite Spot and we watched a rad older Asian fellow singing country music! It was a perfect beginning for my night. I always enjoy my time spent with Dusty. He such a sweet, smart stand up guy and he's feels like family. I know he would do anything for me, which is so nice with my real family so far away. I keep telling Jasmine she better marry him and make an honest man of him SOON and I better get to design the wedding!

On my way home from the show, I stupidly ran out of gas in the intersection right in front of the gas station. So here I am standing in the middle of the street at 2 am, by myself in high-heels and a short dress! Thank god three nice fellows came to my rescue. They tried to push my car up to the pump, but it was kinda a steep hill and it wasn't working, when four more guys walked by. In my sweetest voice, I asked them if they wanted to help a damsel in distress. They came running over and helped pushed my car to the pump! Yayy. Thanks boys. I made it home safe.

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