My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Anyone that knows me, (Sasha Darling) well, know I'm a little bit country. Some may argue I'm a whole lot country, right Olivia?

Recently while having drinks with a close friend, she expressed concern over my professional persona as the premier glam girl. It's funny that I never really think about how other people perceive me. I just live my life in a way that is fun and fulfilling. Things that are fun to me: being glamorous and high maintenance, speaking my mind and wearing high heels while doing so. Talking about fashion and boys while wearing fake eyelashes. Being silly and campy and often very over the top. Being a ballsy, smart woman. But much like my store which posses both dark, intense as well as girly and fluffy moments, there is a softer more natural side to me. And it's true, I am country. It may surprise you, but I love to camp and I dream of buying a ranch in Sonoma. I love to ride horses and I can cook over an open fire. I don't mind going a few days sans shower (as long as I have my perfume). I was born in the country and have drawn water from a well and grown my own food. Just like you, I am multifaceted and complex. There is no one flat composite of Sasha which can be easily defined. I am both an intense, strong Glamour Girl as well as a soft spoken easy-going Country Girl.

Which brings me to cowboys. When I was in Jr High and was already a new wavey/slightly goth little girl, I was also obsessed with the Rodeo and would go and check out all the hot Cowboys when the rodeo came to town. My Dad wore a cowboy hat and I loved it. My first real crush was Elvis in Love Me Tender where he played a Cowboy. I have often dreamed Of being Sisssy and living happily ever after with Bud (which happens to be my Grandpa's name) like in Urban Cowboy. When I got a little older I naturally was drawn to the rockabilly scene with all it's Glamour and cool old cars, but I really was in it for the edgy, modern Cowboys types! But now in this day and age, with my current lifestyle, a good Cowboy is hard to come by. Especially one that has that other side....I guess what I'm saying is a need me a city Cowboy! So today I'm putting it out to all my fav cowboys to get crackin' and get me a cowboy. You ready Hank, Willy and Waylon?

Sissy: Uncle Bob wanted you to be happy. Are you happy?
Bud: Yep, yes I am. You?
Sissy: Yep, I finally got what I wanted. I got a real cowboy.
Bud: And I got what I wanted. I finally got myself a real lady.

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