Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.

CoCo spoke a lot in her memoirs about style not being reserved for the wealthy. Style is something that come from within. I had one of those kinda of topsy turvey upbringings where sometimes I got a big wad of cash to go clothes shopping and other times it was food stamps and $75 for new school clothes. Despite my often limited budget, I refused to ever turn my back on my personal style. I found out from a very young age that being wealthy does not buy you class, and, thanks to Thrift Town, Salvation Army and discount stores, my $75 dollar wardrobe far surpassed many of the other girls wardrobes.

Here's me at 15 in an all thrift store score outfit! And a group shot of all the thrift store girls! Sasha Center Stage about 22.
And I'll tell you what, my Mom proved that with some nice china and good lighting, every meal is a glamorous event.

These days thrift stores are shopped out and vintage is as expensive as new apparel, so I try really hard to have beautiful, well made clothes at every price point at BellJar. I want all the glamour girls to walk in and find something that makes them look and feel amazing and confident. So imagine how excited I was when I found Eryn Brinie. Nothing retails for over  $150 and the fabrics are beautiful, high quality silks and cottons. The cuts are sophisticated and fashion forward. I know you all are going to fall in love with this line, so please make sure you come in and check it out this weekend! What better time to come in then for our art opening on Friday.

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