It may be a flats day!!! GASP!

We had super busy week. We finished shooting all the new spring to upload to our new e-commerce site, which we hope to launch next month (I'll keep you posted). We also went to Cala which is a mini trade show held down town at the St Francis to order fabulous new apparel and accessories for summer! We picked up a new jewelery line that is so amazing and some super cute flirty summer dresses! stay tuned! So on top of all the work things going on, I have been feeling really under the weather...I was so exhausted on Tuesday that I literally fell asleep at like 7. So after work last night the Darling gang felt like blowing off some steam and we went to have a drink, and it turned in to many drinks, which lead to me waking up in my fake eyelashes again! So I'm feeling a bit too groggy to worry about stilettos...but I can post a few sneak previews of the up and coming website shots? How's that for an exciting and amazing blog post?

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