You Guys™

Recently one of my amazing girlfriends had a Mid-Century themed potluck party. If you are asking yourself what this is, invite all your friends over, and have them cook food that looks like this. In usual form, I got dressed to the nines and had 11 glasses of champagne (not really) but had been working so much that I sat down on her perfect 1950's couch and promptly fell asleep. Having grown up with hippie parents who drug me to about a million rock concerts, I can sleep just about anywhere at a moments notice. After an hour or so kitten nap I woke up to a dance party happening around me. I propped myself up, re-applied my lipstick and joined in. My Little nap energized me so much I was one of the last attendees at the party and of course entertaining everyone with all my fabulous and exciting stories...and this is when I found out that I have a key phrase.

SOOOO apparently whenever I'm about to either tell a very important story or am about to make a statement that is life changing, I preface it with..."yoooou guuyyys..." Supposedly even if I'm only talking to one other person.

It goes something like this:

"Yoooou guuyyys my hair looks really cute today!"

"Yoooou guuyyys, Why am I so pretty?!"

"Yoooou guuyyys, the first time I had sex.....(then all the important details)"
"Yoooou guuyyys, I love you, and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm drunk."

So next time you are graced with my charming presence look out for this gentle reminder that something VERY important is soon going to be shared by the ever fascinating Sasha Darling!

why am I sooooo Cute!!! from BellJar on Vimeo.

almost as cute as these two!!!

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