BellJar One Year Anniversary

Please join us Friday Oct 21st from 6-9 PM for drinks, music and an array of magical happenings.



1764 N Vermont Ave, LA

Psychedelic Jams by DJ Jimmy Hey, Animal Readings with Jane Anne Thomas of House of The Standing Moon, Stick & Poke Tattoos by Talia Migliaccio and the masterful weavings Of Mary Grisey.

We invite you to help us celebrate our first year of success. Success that would not be possible without the support of our LA people! We feel so at home here.

Music by DJ Jimmy Hey, a Capricorn, a musician, all vinyl DJ, and Los Angeles native who has been DJing all over town since the 90s. He plays a kaleidoscopic selection of records of all genres and eras conducive to mellow hangout experience.
See more @jimihey

We have had a long time girl crush on Hannah Kristina Metz. Way back when she had the adorable lingerie shop in Pasadena, The Loved One. She also had the dreamiest girlie Blog with well-directed photoshoots that made us just want to hang out with her all day in lacey, frilly things while we drank exotic tea, out of bone china. 

She is everything girl dreams are made of. So of course we were thrilled when we found out she was making her own clothing line H.K.M

The ever-magical Jane Anne Thomas will be offering Animal Totem Readings. Jane Anne Thomas is a Los Angeles based Artist, Seer, and Kundalini Yoga teacher engaging a blended path of Celtic, Native American, & Yogic traditions with a deep connection to plant and animal medicine.
You can find here at @houseofstandingmoon

About the readings:
"An Animal Totem Reading is a personal ceremony in which you are invited to drop into a receptive state before being expertly guided into direct communication with your own soul. 3 Animal Wisdom cards will be used to stimulate a dialogue where channelled messages can come through as necessary to illuminate the deeper meaning of each animal’s presence in your life. Once acknowledged, we are better equipped to work with instead of against our own energy for ease of navigation through the joys and challenges of life. Channeled messages may take the form of personal visual symbols that can be worked with in meditation, revealing their importance slowly over time."

We will also have stick and poke tattoos by creative force Talia Migliaccio. She began tattooing in late 2012 and has quickly become an expert at this ancient and ceremonial tattoo tradition. For those of you who are not familiar with the art of hand poked tattooing it is a method in which no machine is used - every mark on the skin is done by hand - poking every dot of every line to construct a whole. It’s beautiful and intricate as well as simple and personal. Talia is one of the most skilled artist in this tradition.
See her work at Talia Migliaccio

Come feast your eyes on the astounding artwork of Mary Grisey. A recent graduate of York University where she earned her MFA in Fine Art Weaving, Mary’s moving execution of fiber art is something of a natural wonder. In her own words…

I am fascinated by the connection between the physical and metaphysical, and, in this vein, I take ancient mythology, metamorphosis, ruination and entropy as inspirations in my work. Like ruins, my works are remnants of what was once whole; they are inscribed with traces of their previous life, death endured and the hereafter. My works embody these remnants that prefigure thought and feeling.
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