Meghan Shimek Opening Party

Come explore the beautiful artwork of Meghan Shimek!

Her opening party will be Friday, November 6th from 6-9 at BellJar (3187 16th St.)

Join us to sip champagne and meet this talented Bay Area artist!

The show will be on display at BellJar from November 6th -January 1st.

Meghan Bogden Shimek is a weaver and fiber artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Meghan is inspired by her past, present and future. She integrates the natural beauty of her surroundings, the memory of quiet snowy nights, and the sound of the stream running under her home into every weaving. Meghan uses traditional tapestry and Navajo weaving techniques with raw fibers and objects to create abstract and textural wall hangings.

In her own magical words 

"Restraint. From the moment of our birth we are taught to restrain ourselves, quiet our cries and fit into the world. The universe will always propel us forward; yet we hold ourselves back through pain, fear, anxiety, and doubt. There is beauty in restraint. Allowing ourselves to have a moment, a breathe, the sun on our skin to feel. The most growth often comes from pain and like the snake, we cannot rip off our skin, we must shed it at the rate in which it is meant to be shed."


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