Bringing Good Vibes

Its been a while since Ive done any personal updates here on the Blog. Its been a crazy new year with getting BellJar LA opened. My life has changed so much since the days of SF and I'm relly excited to share and grow with you all.



After three years of soul searching and some much needed me time, I'm so excited about the new store and bringing some new intentions to the space. I have been holding meditations at my house for the last year and will now be holding them at the store, so that I can invite more people to join in.



I will hold them every Tuesday at 7PM. Universe willing, rain or shine, I will be at the store meditating and inviting in new intentions to my space and my life. I also hope to have some of the beautiful ladies that I have met in LA to hold space from time to time as well as have special full moon meditations etc.



Another thing Ive been really passionate about as of late is Tapping also known as EFT (emotional Freedom Technique.). Rather than explain it here I will past a few videos and a link to my youtube page where I have been recording some tapping sessions to follow along with.



If any of you want to be involved please do not hesitate to contact me. Or just stop in and we can do a mini tapping session in the store! I hope to add this element into my business and grow and evolve with you all.








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