Artist Feature: Local & Handmade Jewelry

There is nothing we love more here at BellJar than local and handmade jewelry - which is why we want to talk to you today about some of our favorite local talents!




Our favorite sister duo, Kris & Kim of Kris Nations, create their jewelry out of Half Moon Bay. They have a sophisticated, free-spirited and bohemian style which translates into their gorgeously eclectic line of jewelry. Each sister brings her own creative vision to the table which makes for truly collaborative and stunning designs. They envision the wearers of their jewelry to be "a graceful, worldly, confident woman, with true personal style that transcends time and trends" - and as soon as you put on one of their pieces there is NO WAY that you won't be oozing confidence!


 (photo by Andria Lo)




Megan Stacy is the designer and the face behind Salty Fox Jewelry. Her pieces are eye-catching and are the best way to make a statement. Her creations have "an edgy femininity that strikes a balance between sophistication and a bit of grit." The intriguing geometric shapes of these pieces instantly draw the eye in and are 100% lust-worthy... and even better, they are all handmade here in San Francisco! 






Although Lauren of While Odin Sleeps has recently relocated to Texas, she was previously based in San Francisco and has left her heart here with us! Her pieces are very inspired by elements of nature: "There is something to be said about the colors Mother Nature chose and the shapes she has created. She's quite the artist and her work is what inspires mine." Each piece by While Odin Sleeps is visually striking and awe-inspiring - you will never want to take this jewelry off, we promise. 






 Bluce Jewelry is not only simple, elegant, and eco-friendly but it is also completely unique - all of the designs are handcrafted using guitar strings! The used guitar strings are locally sourced here in California and are given a new life. The designer and founder, Brianna Luce, was raised in a musically-rich environment which was the main inspiration behind her line. Bluce's striking mixed metal designs are truly one-of-a-kind conversation starters!




Shop these designers and many more on our jewelry & accessories page or come visit us in the Mission and try on these gorgeous pieces! 

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