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We went to the West Coast Craft Fair last week and were in awe of all the artists, designers, and craftspeople we ran into! This Craft Fair is the place to be to find the best laid-back yet innovative designs inspired by the mood and aesthetic of our unique West Coast lifestyle. There is no better way to spend an afternoon than wandering around a huge warehouse full of artwork, home goods, clothing, and jewelry all made by fellow creative souls from San Francisco - and here's a little glimpse of what we saw during our day at the Craft Fair!




We were so happy to run into Aleksandra Zee at the Craft Fair! Aleksandra is a woodworker who is inspired by the colors, textiles, and natural color hues of the desert. She creates one of a kind three-dimensional pieces from found and re-purposed materials which are situated in site-specific installations. She focuses on the transcendence of harsh, broken, or discarded materials into objects of soft whimsy and, needless to say, the result is always swoon-worthy and extremely visually pleasing.




We met up with one of our fave babes Roseli Ilano, the founder of Ilano, who produces gorgeous handbags, pillows, and accessories (some of which you can find at BellJar!). Not only that, but Ilano also serves for a greater cause. Ilano partners up with women from all over the world in order to provide them with living wages and to make her goods available to an international fashion audience. Roseli also develops marketing campaigns for social justice and human rights. We love to see creative talents being used for the greater good and to help make our world a better place! 




This is Kelly Jones, the founder of Little Paper Planes and another babe we were so excited to see at the fair! Originally from LA and now living in SF, Kelly is an artist and curator who wanted to create a platform where herself and her fellow art-school friends could reach a wider audience. Little Paper Planes has grown to become a community due to the circle of artists involved and people who love and support art. Little Paper Planes became a brick-and-mortar shop in 2013 and is now located in the Mission! 




It is always a pleasure to run into Mariele Ivy of Young in the Mountains! Mariele's jewelry and ceramic designs are very simple, natural, purposeful, and always striking - and they are an ode to what life was like growing up in the mountains of Montana... where you can listen to the seasons changing to energize your mood and where everything else is gone with the shift of the breeze.




April Rose of Rainbow Kimono creates the most visually striking art and jewelry we've ever seen. She is an illustrator, textile, ceramic and collage artist who likes to create and discover tiny galaxies. She is a seeker of truth and beauty, endlessly inspired by the originality of others and the universe. Her creations are truly awe-inspiring explosions of color and energy and we just can't get enough.



Enjoy a few more snapshots of our day at the West Coast Craft Fair:







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