rebelfriday flat We have always been known as the kind of Boutique that hates playing by the rules. We like to drink champagne before 5, we think it’s entirely appropriate to wear cocktail dresses to the grocery store and we certainly don’t want to wait till after thanksgiving to offer the most unique Holiday wares at a major discount. Welcome to the 2nd annual Black Rebel Friday. Get a jump-start on your shopping, stay away from those big box retailers, and come get your loved ones something unique, lovely and a little rebellious! And why you’re at it, why not pick up the perfect holiday dress or two! We will be offering 25% off the entire store for one day only. And for those of you that know us…this never happens. Yes sometimes we have discounts on apparel, but very rarely do we offer it on the rest of our amazing and lovely finds! And never do we put jewelry on sale!! FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22nd - A DAY OF REBELION! 25% OFF EVERYTHING LOVELY AND AMAZING!

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