BellJar's Summer Sale Is On

Our end of season sale is in full effect! Come in and score yourself something sweet. And next weekend we are really looking forward to Saturday Flowers at BellJar. It's a two flower Pop up shop by the amazingly talented Lizzy McGinn. We have been silently stalking her inspiring floral arrangements on instagram and were super  excited when she agreed to do a two day event with us, where she will be selling arranged flowers, floral wreaths and some other goodies. Make sure to pop in for this next weekend.
More about Lizzy- Saturday Flowers began as a way to give lifelong flower lover + graphic designer, Lizzy McGinn, a creative weekly challenge and a chance to hone a new skill. What began simply as buying a few stems at a local market, quickly evolved into weekly flower market trips resulting in an apartment bursting with flowers and heaps of leftovers gifted to friends. What she loves most is mixing textures, shapes and seasonal materials to create unique and thoughtful arrangements. You can keep up with her flower adventures on her blog.

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