New York I love you but you're bringing me down (almost)

Or rather, I should say Brooklyn- Headed to New York for market week, but staying in Brooklym with Miss Scarlett. Hitting up Capsule, Enk, and Coterie to find some fancy new items for the lovely little BellJar. I'm such a space case. My flight was actually set for today at 1;30 but I got my dates messed up and missed my flight. I talked to the airlines and they assured me the only thing I could do was head down to LAX tonight at 4 am and try to get on the morning flights, standby. Ugh. So I spent the day trying to get organized. I did laundry, a quick shopping for the store (check out new immediates in the store Friday!), and tried to figure out the dog situation. My dog sitter was not set to come until tomorrow night. I decided to just be calm about it all, take each issue one step at a time and pray that it would all work out. So I worked on getting everything done, found a one day dog walker and scheduled a shuttle to pick me up at 2:30 am tonight. Done. But, I was still feeling really uneasy about leaving..I was worried about the pooches. There were still a few store things I needed to deal with, and I just felt stressed. I decided to call the airline one more time to see if I could somehow leave Friday. When I spoke to them earlier they informed me that it would be $700 smackers to fly out Friday, but I just hoped I would get a nice person on the phone that would take pity on me. And, what do you know? I got it!! Everyone else I talked to said no, but this agent just said, "Why yes, Miss Darling, you are all set to fly out Friday morning at 8:30." Yay!!!! So the lesson here is, and it's big, big lesson for me: approach stressful situations calmly, take each problem one step at a time, don't get angry, don't freak out, and muster up the faith that it will all work out as it's supposed to. I yammer on all the time about positivity, the power of visualization and attracting what you want out of life by acting accordingly, but sometimes find it difficult to put my word to good use during stressful situations. I have really, really been working on this. Working on not getting spun out and automatically taking my head to the dark-side of the situation, and it's really working. I'm really starting to find peace in my life. I have had a few blog-readers, ask my why I have not been writing on the BellJar blog as much, and I think that is the reason why. I usually write when I'm stressed. I find it cathartic, but lately I have just felt so much more calm in my own skin and I have just been really, really busy focusing on this beautiful new site as well as on myself. Slowly it's all starting to pay off. S0 to you, my lovelies, I say thank you. Thanks for all your support, love and devotion. I promise to post some exciting updates form my New York adventures. And in the meantime check out some pretty pictures form one of my Favorite New York blog duos- Hannah and Landon. Such a cute couple. Designer/Fashionista and amazing artist. They give me hope that love does exist. Their life sure does look dreamy, no? Maybe I'll run into them in NY and we can run through the streets together. XO

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