Fancy Fine

We are sponsoring one of our favorite blogs this month! The lovely Miss Ashley Ording of Fancy Fine Vintage dashed of to Philly a few months ago to start an exciting new career. We miss seeing her face around the shop and around town, but luckily we can head over to her beautiful blog and see what she's up to, what she wearing and most importantly how completely lovely she is. So thanks to miss Ashley for letting us sponsor your blog and for being an inspiration to girlie girls everywhere. Xo In her lovely minty room back in SF For Tabisocks Look Book Everyone loves film. Here is a nice shot her boyfriend, Tod Hido took the oldschool way. I really can't get enough of her minty room Love a girl that can mix pink and red. This one reminds me of an old 60's noir thriller. A black and white for good measure Are you kidding me with this cuteness. And her she is playing wedding in a vintage dress from Ver Unica, one of my fav vintage stores in SF.

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