Coming Home

I have had the most insane two months. So much has happened and I have just been out of sorts, catching up, taking care of things and getting everything on track. A combination of some intense family situations, a little strife at the store, a ton of work to catch up on and some personal struggles I have just been treading water. But the good news is my hard work is paying off. I had so much anxiety around coming back to SF for so long! I have been here almost a month. When I moved to LA I'm realizing I ran away a little. And that's ok. It's been great for me. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from a situation to really gain perspective on it. When you are stuck in the muck it's difficult to see the tracks that lead you there. I have been really doing some major soul searching in LA and it's really starting to pay off. As I drove up to SF I was crying on the phone to my best friend saying how I was just not ready to be here and talking about how I just don't like it here anymore. She explained to me that SF had been my home for 20 years and I had to come back and rebuild a new kind of life here and remember why I loved it so much. And she was so right. I have repaired some situations that were dragging me down, I focused a ton of energy in doing right by my business, I took care of some issues on my home and mostly I took care of myself...and miraculously everything is falling into place. I have had the best time up here and I'm really actually sad to be going back to LA. This month has strengthened my ties to SF. I'm here for one more week and then I head back to attend one of my besties wedding down in LA. It's been almost two months since I have been there and so much has changed! I'm excited to see how my life will evolve now that a lot of the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. And finally I feel like I am both in the emotional and soon the financial place to open my BellJar LA. So excited. Life is getting good. xo xo xo

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