Helmut Newton Cold Eye

I sometimes wonder how I made it through my teen years without a computer. I had to actually go to the library to research cool things, like mod culture, punk rock and studio 54. I would sit and thumb through picture books on Pop culture and try to visually absorb as much as I could, I would often photocopy cool pictures on the black and white photo copier for 10 cents a pop and then hang them on my bedroom wall. Now with a click of my mouse so much info...so much stimulation so so much to look at. I wonder if the kids today understand the power and appreciate all the information and beauty the internet can provide, or do they just sit and stare at facebook and play video games all day? While searching for an old Helmut Newton Vogue shoot from the 80's I was obsessed with I found this video. Love the hair and makeup and I;m dying for the 80's cool cold Glamour. I still wonder, why cant we born old and die young?

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