Old Habits, Old Haunts, Mixed Feelings

I just don't know where I Have been. Lost in a dream, moving forward, stepping back, losing myself, finding myself again and just all over the place. I've been back in San Francisco for two weeks, to deal with a few things at the shop...get my hair done, check on my house, deal with a traffic ticket and all I can say is I can't wait to get back to Los Angeles. It's cold a gloomy outside, yesterday my car got towed and my life in SF is just kind of static. Sometimes I wonder if moving to LA was me running away...but being back here just reminds me that everything in life has an expiration date and my life here has just gone sour. I have caught up with friends, spent a glorious weekend in Mendocino, hang out with a boy, gotten fed up with said boy, spent time with my shop girls and making sure things are still running smoothly and now I'm ready to get in my car and head back to the sun. Awe I miss you little apartment in LA, I miss my daily juice at Naturewells. I miss my morning hike at Elysian Park. I miss my shopping trips downtown for the store. I miss my weekend trip to all the flea markets. I miss BBQ's and days spent drinking wine outdoors with friends. I miss reading and painting and searching for a new art studio. This trip has confirmed that LA is my home. 20 years in SF...and now LA has my heart. See you in a few days. pic pic pic pic pic pic

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