Not So Glam When I'm Sick

I have been so sick for the past few days. I will not go into the gory details but it's the sickest I have been for years. The last time I got this sick was right after my divorce and that time I was so ill that I had to cancel a trip to Paris! I was so used to having Mason around to take care of me and I have always had problems asking for for 5 days I laid on my couch, dying, not eating and did not call anyone..and even refused the offers that I had to come by, check on me, bring me supplies. Well not this time. But being in LA I don't have the support group I did in SF. I mean there are people down here I know would help...but I just feel weird asking. Thanks god one of my besties from SF is now living in LA. I called Caitlen yesterday morning crying after spending the entire night on the floor of my bathroom. She rushed over with 7-up and saltines and gave me and my poor cooped up dogs some much needed love and attention. I'm feeling marginally better today...but I miss my Mommy, I miss my home and I'm so thankful I have Caitlin down here. There is nothing like having great girlfriends. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. My hair in matted to my head, I have had the same clothes on for three days and I'm afraid I am fusing to my couch. Not feeling very darling at all. Can we just pretend I actually look like this?

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