Moon and Lovers

I watched the moonrise yesterday. It was still light when she appeared and hovered above the hazy skyline, faded like an old photo washed by the Summer sun. She was a big, translucent pie that I wanted to reach out, grab and greedily gobble up like a starving child. I watched her move and grow and then retreat as the the last bit of dusk was swallowed by darkness. I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I tossed and turned till Midnight. At 1:40 I was awoken by a light shining powerfully through my window. It was as if a street post had been erected directly outside my room. I felt the gleaming beams as I tried to readjust and shield my eyes from it's glare. My sleepy mind struggled to recall how brightly lit my room was on other nights as it desperately clung to a cloudy abyss. The lights intensity forced me my from my sleep, so I stepped out to get a closer look. As the bright light illuminated me, I realized the moon had followed me home. She clung to my windowsill like a crazed cat insisting to be let in. Howling and screaming, she he had grown twice her earlier dusk risen size and intensely cast her cold blue light upon my cheeks. I wanted to flea the house and run through tall grassy fields and become part of her night glow but felt constrained by my urban dwelling and the unknown that lurked outside my city door. Reluctantly I slipped back in to bed in search of a silent slumber that never came. I woke half rested convinced I am ruled by the moon.

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