Rosy Cheecked Darlings

I stopped reading fashion magazines like two years ago because they made me feel fucking awful. I’m 5’9” a size eight. I work out at least four or five times a week and I eat super healthy, but after looking at airbrushed pictures of 13 year olds I start feeling like a huge unhealthy cow. So I started checking out fashion blogs to get my fashion fix. Real girls, real style and I get a daily dose of style and fashion at BellJar or going to the showrooms etc to shop. But these days being online is like reading fashion’s just filled with hollow eyed starving looking girls. And sometimes I think I get sucked in and start posting pictures of said girls….and it’s fucking lame. I mean beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but these photos of young girls looking dank and sad and just shells of themselves are just heartbreaking and ugly and it’s so detrimental to our well being. I’m proud to be a happy, healthy rosy cheeked woman with light in her eyes. And all of you girls should be too.

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